Surgical Medical Centre ERESA

At Eresa, we have always been committed to the latest technological developments to offer the best service and ensure that the best healthcare assistance is within everyones reach.   

    We have gone a step further….    

At the ERESA Campanar Surgical Medical Centre, we have included specialised medical units that offer comprehensive medical assistance.

The best professionals in medicine forming a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary team.

The patient receives full care, global assistance for same-day consultations and no waiting times.

The patient is able to be treated more effectively and with advanced therapies through a high quality, accurate, done on-site, on time diagnosis and following immediate results.

Outpatient surgeries can be performed in a short period of time, with the necessary prior tests done in less than 48 hours, and with the patient to deciding when to operate.

ERESA Surgical Medical Centre is the result of over thirty years of work and experience, research and new developments, professional and personal growth, of our interest in medicine and its advances, and above all, of our desire to continue to offer the best medical assistance.

Units and Integrated Services:

Medical Unit:

Dr. José Ferrer Rebolleda

Unit of Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma:
Cardiology and Sports Cardiology Unit:

Dr. José Antonio Ferrero Cabedo

Medical Staff

Specialists in Clinical Cardiology:

Dr. José Antonio Ferrero Cabedo

 Imaging Cardiology Specialists:

Dra. Alicia Maceira González – Coordinadora

Dra. Mª Pilar López Lereu

Dra. Begoña Igual Muñoz

Dr. Jorge Estornell Erill

Dr. José Vicente Monmeneu Menadas

Nuclear Medicine Specialists:

Dr. José Ferrer Rebolleda

Genetic Specialists:

Genetistas Clínicos de Sistemas Genómicos

Urology and Anthology Unit:

Dr. José Rubio Briones

Gynaecology and Gynaecologic Oncology Unit:

Dr. Juan Gilabert Estellés

Radiation Oncology and Radiation Physics Unit:

Dr. José López Torrecilla

Medical Staff

Radiation Unit Medical Staff:

Dr. José López Torrecillas (Jefe de Unidad)

Dra. Piedad Almendros Blanco

Dr. Enrique García Miragall – Coordinador Unidad Radioterapia de Elche

Dra. Amparo González Sanchís

Dr. José Carlos Gordo Partearroyo

Dra. Ana Hernández Manchacoses

Dr. Jorge Pastor Peidró

Radiation PhysicsMedical Staff:

Joan Roselló Ferrando (Jefe de Unidad )

Luis Brualla González

Trinidad García Hernández

Domingo Granero Cabañero

Mª Aurora Vicedo González

Genetic Counselling Unit:

Dr. Xavier Vendrell Montón

Neurophysiology Unit:

Dr. Rafael Valdivieso Martínez

Vascular Pathology Unit:

Dr. Ramiro Verdejo Tamarit

Diagnostic Imaging Services (MRI, CT, ECO ..)

Dr. Eduardo Zaragozá Cardells

Nuclear Medicine Service:

Dr. José Ferrer Rebolleda

Dra. Mª del Puig Cózar Santiago

Physiotherapy Service and Functional Rehabilitation:

Fisioterapeuta Luis Baraja Vega

Molecular and Genetic Diagnosis Service:

Laboratorio de Sistemas Genómicos

Clinical Analysis Service:
Nursing Service:
Servicio de Podología:
Anaesthesia and Pre anaesthesia Service:

Dr. José Verdejo Pérez

Teleradiology Service:

Dr. José Manuel Esteban Hernández

Medical Unit:

Dr. José Manuel Esteban Hernández (Head of Unit)

Dr.José Arribas Pérez

Dr. Gerardo Moro Guijarro

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