Eresa Grupo Médico | Mission


ERESA Grupo Médico is an organization formed by a group of companies whose mission is to offer both the private and public Healthcare System; imaging-based high technology diagnosis means,  Nuclear Medicine techniques and therapies, and radiation oncology treatments, of high quality medical assistance and with the utmost professionalism, respect and effectiveness.


  • Service and attention to the needs of patients based on excellent technological and human medical assistance.
  • Maximum collaboration with the Public Healthcare System in order to help achieve an efficient network of hospitals that cover and satisfy the needs of civilians.
  • Promote innovation, research and academics.
  • Constant improvement of technological, human and healthcare equipment in all of our centres.
  • Attempt to have the best professionals and that they also contribute to a rational use of medicine and other available resources.
  • We want to be and be acknowledged as a committed company with the patient and their needs. Our healthcare assistance tries to be: of maximum quality, accessible and agile, professional and responsible, coordinated with the different healthcare levels and efficient with the available resources.
  • We want to be company of healthcare excellence, with an important technological development, innovative in management, and continuously seeking to improve results.
  • We want to be a company reference for ongoing professional training and in research development.



  • With transparency and professional ethics.
  • Effectively and efficiently for a sustainable and competitive organization.
  • With quality criteria to achieve the satisfaction of internal and external clients, establishing the necessary communication channels that will enable constant improvement.
  • With equity, for equal treatment and service regardless of the origin of the patient.
  • The technical resources and equipment to maintain the objective of being pioneers in improvements and innovations of diagnostic / therapeutic technology, for the patient’s benefit.
  • The information systems with the objective to improve the diagnostic performance of the tests and ensure data confidentiality and traceability.


  • Respect, participation and the integration of the professionals and partners of the organization.
  • Care and cooperation in maintaining the workplace and the environment.
  • Maximum confidentiality and respect in the relationship between patient and physician.
  • Team work to achieve our objectives, the communication and involvement of everyone, professional and personal development.
  • Innovation aimed at continuous improvement of processes and services.
  • Promotion of the dialogue and commitment of interest groups.
  • Development of a sustainable company, based on criteria of economic, social and environmental responsibility.