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Special Units

Advanced Cardiology Unit

The unit of Cardiovascular Imaging of ERESA began in the year 2000. Along with the technical staff, the unit also includes nursing and administrative staff, five Cardiology specialists with extensive experience in this field and that are exclusively dedicated to cardiology diagnosis.

Advanced Teleradiology

Thanks to our Advanced Teleradiology Diagnostic Centre, worldwide benchmark  in technological development and innovation, we are able to assist numerous hospitals and clinics simultaneously and “real time”.

Radiology Diagnosis

Conventional Radiology:

It is based on radiography procedures (X-Rays). It is the basic radiology test, and given its universal distribution it is easy to access.

Contrast Radiology

It is based on the use of conventional radiology (X-Ray) and contrast agents that are opaque to radiation. Its administration allows us to study the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems, and even the body vessels.


La ecografía es una modalidad de diagnóstico por la imagen basada en el uso de ultrasonidos. Es una prueba indolora, que al no usar radiación no es dañina, pudiéndose repetir todas las veces que sea necesario si riesgo para el paciente.

Computed Tomography (CT)

The computed Tomography (TC, or also know as CAT scan) is a special imaging technique derived from the application of X-rays (radiography).Like in a  conventional radiology there is an X-ray emitter in front of the patient and a detector behind them, however, the difference is that both the emitter and receiver are moving around the patient, making a full rotation to get an image.

Magnetic Resonance (MR)

The Magnetic Resonance is recently the most advanced technology in medicine for precision diagnosis of multiple diseases, even in early stages. It also has the peculiarity of not using ionizing radiation, allowing us to broaden the diagnostic possibilities without irradiating the patient.

Nuclear medicine (NM)

Nuclear medicine 

Nuclear medicine is defined as the branch of medicine that uses radioactive isotopes, nuclear radiation, electromagnetic changes in the components of the atomic nucleus and related biophysical techniques for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and medical research.

Radiation Oncology


a system that enables to solve complicated problems of dose distribution, as well as dose escalation in the tumour tissue; minimising the damage in healthy tissue and helping in treatments of advanced-growth tumours. The main objective of this new integrated system treatment is to attack and destroy the sick cells but greatly respecting the healthy cells, with the subsequent advantages for the patient.

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