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Advanced Cardiology Unit

The unit of Cardiovascular Imaging of ERESA began in the year 2000. Along with the technical staff, the unit also includes nursing and administrative staff, five Cardiology specialists with extensive experience in this field and that are exclusively dedicated to cardiology diagnosis.

Our Unit has the most modern cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) and cardiac computed tomography (CCT)scanners. Likewise, there is close cooperation with the unit of Nuclear Medicine for performing cardiac SPECT and PET studies.

The CMR scanner, of 1.5 and 3T, offer the maximum diagnostic profitability in the integral non-invasive study of the cardiovascular system. Likewise, the CCT scanner of 64 slices provides very high quality images of the coronary arteries, which can detect atherosclerotic coronary damages and also congenital malformations thereof.

Advanced Teleradiology

Thanks to our Advanced Teleradiology Diagnostic Centre, worldwide benchmark  in technological development and innovation, we are able to assist numerous hospitals and clinics simultaneously and “real time”. The main benefits derived from the geographical flexibility of this technology are:

More availability (reduction in waiting list times, etc.)

Access to isolated areas

Efficiency (simultaneous assistance to different hospitals)

Greater capacity of reaction (ER)

Cost reduction

Positive impact on the environment  (online reports)


The ERESA Grupo Médico has advanced telecommunication infrastructures that allow us to have an organised and structured TLR area, which enables us to  offer high level reporting services to centres anywhere in the world. ERESA Grupo Médico group works with leading telecommunication operators in order to extend their network wherever its necessary. The medical support supplied by the connection of all the Grupo ERESA centres, increase the speed of reporting, provide on-hand opinion of the best specialists and  reduce the waiting list times for centres that periodically have an increase of demand for scanning.

 Thanks to the development of technologies by ERESA Grupo Médico, we currently have the ability to give emergency diagnosis in “real time” and without waiting for imaging transfer.  Tele-ultrasound is a reality for us, being worldwide pioneers in this field and avoiding the radiologist to have to travel around; which always presents difficulties.

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