The patient receives full care, global assistance for same-day consultations and no waiting times. The patient is able to be treated more effectively and with advanced therapies through a high quality, accurate, done on-site, on time diagnosis and following immediate results. Outpatient surgeries can be performed in a short period of time, with the necessary prior tests done  in less than 48 hours, and with the patient to deciding when to operate.

Radiation Oncology And Radiophysics Unit

A reference unit that offers a personalised oncology treatment. It has a multidisciplinary team which provides the best treatment option for each patient; formed by radiotherapist oncologists, radio physicists, nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists. Current technological advances incorporated in our unit allow us to administer the treatment with great precision.

Advanced Cardiology Diagnostic Unit

A safe and immediate diagnosis is assured by integrating and coordinating cardiologists, expert geneticists and nuclear medicine physicians, together with the best technology in cardiac magnetic resonance and cardiovascular computed tomography.

Advanced Teleradiology Diagnostic Centre

Shorter waiting lists, healthcare assistance given simultaneously to different hospitals, immediate response to emergencies, access to remote areas, reduction of costs, positive impact on the environment, online reports.

Eresa. Audiovisual System Magnetic Resonance

To improve the patients comfort, a breakthrough technology in 3D is successfully being used for MRI.

ERESA, is pioneer in Spain for incorporating an audiovisual system to the magnetic resonance; reducing the need for sedation and claustrophobia in children and adults.

  • Sedative anesthesia in adults 15%
  • Decreased sedation by this system 18%
  • Collaboration in pediatric patients 91%

This audiovisual system consists of special glasses with a built-in video screen (equivalent to a 62-inch television at a distance of two meters) and headphones. As a result, the patient directly sees a movie projected video while listening to the audio as the test is being performed on them.



ERESA participa en el FORO NACIONAL DE INTEROPERATIVIDAD QUE SE CELEBRA EL 7 Y 8 DE MAYO DEL 2014 Ponencia de Rubén del Pozo «Colaboración publico-privada en interoperabilidad: Proyecto WiFIS» Sr. D. Rubén Del Pozo Iribarria Director de Sistemas de Información....

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